[BT下载][空难 Air Disasters 第十九季][全10集][英语无字][MKV][1080P][片源

 [BT下载][空难 Air Disasters 第十九季][全10集][英语无字][MKV][1080P][片源

◎片  名 空难 Air Disasters

◎年  代 2023

◎产  地 美国

◎类  别 纪录

◎语  言 英语

◎主  演 

◎简  介

A minor maintenance issue causes an Australian seaplane to crash, killing a U.K. billionaire. A Bulgarian airliner crew must trick four violent hijackers into landing their plane before they run out of fuel. An Amazon cargo plane accident outside Houston reveals a pilot with a bad history. On an all-new season, we investigate ten air incidents from around the world that made headlines and changed the aviation history forever, from the harrowing moments in the air to the twists and turns of the accident investigations.

1) Deadly Exchange
When a commuter flight crashes mysteriously just a mile from a Missouri runway, investigators turn their attention to the final seconds in the cockpit.

2) Missed Opportunities
Investigators of the worst aviation disaster in Portuguese history struggle to explain why the plane slammed into mountaintop just minutes from the runway.

3) Pressure Point
Investigators race to determine the cause of the deadliest single aircraft accident in history: the 1985 crash of Japan Airlines 123, which claimed 520 lives.

4) Power Play
When a turboprop loses engine power and crashes in Papua New Guinea, investigators discover a fatal defect existing in Dash 8s around the world.

5) Control Catastrophe
After pilots miraculously land an out-of-control plane in Portugal, investigators must determine how the freshly serviced aircraft was released with a fatal flaw.

6) Cockpit Catastrophe
When the cockpit window of an Airbus A319 explodes, the captain battles gale-force winds and oxygen deprivation to safely land his plane.

7) Dream Flight Disaster
When a British tycoon and his family die in a 2017 Australian seaplane crash, investigators spend over two years searching for the reason behind the tragedy.

8) Deadly Deception
When a Bulgarian airliner is taken over by violent hijackers, the crew and authorities on the ground devise a daring plan to save the airliner.

9) Delivery to Disaster
Investigators race to uncover why an Amazon cargo plane inexplicably nosedived into a swamp outside of Houston, Texas, in 2019.

10) Mystery Over the Mediterranean
When an Airbus crashes into the Mediterranean Sea, Egyptian authorities, French investigators, and an Italian journalist theorize different causes for the accident.

 [BT下载][空难 Air Disasters 第十九季][全10集][英语无字][MKV][1080P][片源



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